Free minutes to Pakistan on Tuesdays with mobeefree

Sorry for the late update, but good news for mobeefree users who call Pakistan…

If you have $8 or more in your mobeefree account, you will get 15 minutes of Free Calls to Pakistan every Tuesday in the months of February and March!

Free Pakistan Calls

Read all about the free minutes to Pakistan promotion on the mobeefree site and take advantage of this outstanding opportunity every Tuesday through the end of March!


TalkFree Cash Payments Now Available to All mobeefree Users

Great news– TalkFree Cash is now available for all mobeefree users! TalkFree Cash is an easy and convenient VoIP payment method that lets you buy credits even if you don’t have a credit card and are not near a Western Union office!

TF Cash

This is what mobeefree posted on their blog earlier today:

“TalkFree Cash is a coupon based payment method that is now available to ALL mobeefree customers. You can purchase TalkFree Cash coupons from dealers in your area using local currency.

How to make a TalkFree Cash payment:

1. Login into your mobeefree account and click on the TF Cash link.
2. Find a local agent listed that is in your area.
3. Contact an agent and purchase a coupon using your local currency.
4. Redeem your coupon on the TF Cash page.

It’s that easy!”

New mobeefree iPhone Application

mobeefree just announced a brand new iPhone application compatible with iPhone, iPad and iTouch!

mobeefreePro is an iPhone mobile application that lets you make affordable, high quality VoIP calls from your iPhone.

Simply use your existing mobeefree account. Compatiable with iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

Download from iTunes today!

App Store

For more information go to the iPhone Page on

mobeefree Vietnam Cambodia Indonesia Thailand Rate Decreases

Great news for everyone wishing to call Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia,
or Thailand- mobeefree has just lowered the rates to these countries!

I guess mobeefree wanted to give a gift for the holidays!

Check out the NEW Holiday rate decreases below…

Destinations NEW Rate (€) € 10 Card in Minutes
Vietnam Mobile 0.0270 370
Cambodia Mobile 0.0274 365
Indonesia Mobile 0.0238 420
Malaysia Mobile 0.0217 461

mobeefree Sri Lanka Mobile Rate Decrease

More good news mobeefree users – After a big update to Bangladesh destinations last week, mobeefree has made another decrease to Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka mobile.

Destinations Old Rate (€) NEW Rate (€) € 10 Card in Minutes Discount
Sri Lanka 0.0585 0.0438 228 25%
Sri Lanka Mobile 0.0548 0.0511 196 7%

Click Here for more rate information

mobeefree Bangladesh Mobile Rate Decrease!

Good news Bangladesh Mobile mobeefree customers – NEW all time low rate reduction!

Old Rates New Rates
Bangladesh $0.0300 $0.0250
Bangladesh Mobile $0.0300 $0.0250

New mobeefree Tell a Friend Tool

mobeefree has released a Tell a Friend tool that pays you for spreading the word about mobeefree! This tool is a great way for you to get mobeefree credit for FREE.

Here is some more information that was posted on the blog earlier this week:

Now you can make money by telling your friends about mobeefree! How does it work?

1. Tell your friends using the Invite Your Friends page in your mobeefree panel.
2. Your friends sign up and buy credit.
3. You earn $.50* for each friend!
*Note: To receive incentive, payment must be $2.50 or greater.

Invite your friends page below:

You can track all the invitations you send and the money you’ve earned from your mobeefree panel.

Invitations Sent page below:

Start spreading the word about mobeefree today and make money!

NEW mobeefree Rate Reductions!

Looks like mobeefree has finally listened to their customers and dropped their rates. Some great rate reductions, especially to Pakistan Mobile, Bangladesh Mobile and Philippines Mobile

Below is the announcement they sent to customers and can also be found on the mobeefree blog. (Rates are displayed in EUROs):

mobeefree is happy to announce HUGE Rate Decreases!

Some destinations discounted over 80%

Check out NEW rate decreases to our top destinations below…

Destinations Old Rate (€) NEW Rate (€) Discount
Bangladesh €0.0300 €0.0219 27%
Bangladesh Mobile 0.0278 0.0256 8%
Canada 0.0146 0.0022 85%
China Mobile 0.0146 0.0055 63%
Egypt 0.0804 0.0511 36%
Egypt Mobile 0.0804 0.0585 27%
India 0.0102 0.0095 7%
India BSNL 0.0102 0.0095 7%
Jordan Mobile 0.1169 0.0803 31%
Libya Mobile 0.3069 0.2978 3%
Malaysia Mobile 0.0237 0.0213 10%
Nepal 0.0723 0.0650 10%
Nepal Mobile 0.0650 0.0621 4%
Pakistan 0.0300 0.0183 39%
Pakistan Mobile 0.0424 0.0205 52%
Philippines 0.1169 0.0767 34%
Philippines Mobile 0.0940 0.0650 31%
Singapore Mobile 0.0146 0.0058 61%
Sri Lanka 0.0658 0.0585 11%
Sudan Mobile 0.1242 0.0941 24%
Syria Mobile 0.1608 0.1161 28%
Thailand Mobile 0.0146 0.0104 29%
Vietnam Mobile 0.0392 0.0308 22%

Click here for more prices >>